Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Smoke and Soot Damaged Insulation

Smoke and soot spread to attic and affect insulation. A small kitchen fire in Dallas, TX did more than cause damage to the surrounding structures and contents. ... READ MORE

Soot and Smoke Odor Can Be Sneaky

Soot seeps into contents Soot covered surfaces all over a house after a small kitchen fire. The fire started in a small pot in the kitchen and was put out with... READ MORE

Fire Causes Smoke Damage

A fire in an East Dallas home was caused by a candle burning in a dining room on a wooden table. The table caught on fire and caused extensive smoke and soot d... READ MORE

Electrical fire destroys ceiling and cavity between floors.

The smoke damage and destruction of this ceiling was the result of a small electrical fire. Notice the soot above the ceiling in the cavity and the damage to t... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Attic with Insulation

This smoke damaged residential attic in Dallas, TX was the result of a fire that happened in the garage while the attic access door was open. Notice the extent ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Restoration

This soot filled prototype shop in Dallas, TX was the aftermath of a late night fire. Looking at the pictures, you can see just how extensive the smoke damage r... READ MORE