Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Pipe

SERVPRO says: Don't Let A Burst Pipe Happen

Burst pipes

If a pipe bursts:

  • turn off the main stopcock
  • open all the cold taps to drain the system if the flow of water cannot be stopped
  • if the burst is on a pipe from the storage tank, turn off the stop valve in the storage tank, turn on all hot taps to drain the system, allow the fire to burn out or turn the heating off until the burst pipe has been attended to by a plumber

Apartment Flood

Deep Ellum Apartment Flooding

This highrise apartment was the victim of multiple pipe bursting. The water was 4 inches high and needed extracting right away. Thankfully our office is 5 minutes away so we were on site as soon as possible. 

Dallas Cold Weather

East Dallas First Freeze of 2023

We hope everyone is staying warm this week as temperatures stay low for the third day in a row. We hope if anyone experiences a pipe burst or any type of water damage that they call us right away! 

Cleaning Sticker

SERVPRO Certified Clean

SERVPRO of East Dallas has certified cleaning products that can withstand any type of damage loss. Our technicians are available 24/7 and happy to help!

Equipment Installed

SERVPRO Equipment Working Hard

SERVPRO has the most up to date equipment allowing us to clean up disasters quicker! Give us a call today if you experience water damage in Dallas. 

Church in East Dallas

SERVPRO of East Dallas called out to a local church

SERVPRO was called out to a local church of ours after the deep freeze in Dallas. The freeze brought us 10 degree weather and it caused some havoc to some people's homes and businesses. SERVPRO was out the same day and ready to help!  

Apartment Hallway Flood

Local East Dallas Apartments Suffer Water Flooding

Heavy rain was brought into Dallas this year, causing record numbers. This overflow of water got into an apartment's interior. This meant work from SERVPRO of East Dallas was needed. We were on the job at the same day and ended up doing work for multiple units. 

Photo of our vehicles in downtown Dallas

Commercial Flood in Downtown Dallas

We are ready and available to help our friends in Downtown Dallas when disaster strikes. 

Demo after water damage

From the Source of the Water Damage to Drying and Demo

Not all structures and surfaces require demo and reconstruction but the longer water sits, the more likely they will. Call us at the first sign of water damage and we will take care of you!

Drywall removal with uv light

Removing Wet Drywall After Water Damage Prevents Mold Growth

When water damage causes the walls and baseboards to become wet, it is imperative to get everything dried out before mold growth begins.  Sometimes, removing the wet drywall is necessary to completely rid the area of moisture, as in this case.  When mold takes over, the cost of remediation and restoration skyrockets.   

Collage showing before water damage photos on floors and after photos with our fans and equipment in place.

Laundry Room Sink Floods a House in East Dallas

A laundry room leak causes water damage throughout the ground level of an East Dallas home.  We provided emergency water mitigation services and were able to minimize damage. The customer has very thankful that she gave us a call. We arrived within the same day, and was able to save the hardwood floors. Be sure to call SERVPRO of Balch Springs whenever you run into a water emergency.   

hot water heater

Hot Water Heater Causes Water Loss

This is the source of a flooded house in Dallas, TX.  When a hot water heater leaks or bursts, water can quickly spread throughout a house, especially if nobody is home, as in this situation.

Luckily, we were able to extract the water, dry surfaces and structures, and prepare for restoration where needed in all 4 rooms effected. 

Water Extraction

Water Extraction Dallas

Water extraction is an important step in the drying process.  SERVPRO of East Dallas has high tech equipment and expertise to remove water from surfaces quickly prior to the next steps in the drying process.  

Fan placement

Water Mitigation Dallas

We are experts in the industry in water remediation.  SERVPRO of East Dallas has the latest technology to remove water and dry surfaces effectively. This is done by assessing the damage and strategically placing our equipment, as seen here. 

Water damage

Subfloor Drying

If water sits very long, the sub-flooring often becomes wet.  Once the surface floor is removed, it is imperative to dry the sub-floor completely before reconstruction or new floors are put in.  We have the tools and capabilities to determine when structures are completely free of moisture.  

Servpro fans

We Are Fans of our Customers

We are water damage restoration specialists and are ready to restore your Dallas home back to pre-water damage condition. We quickly extract the water and then dry your property using state-of-the-art equipment like the fans shown here. Call us today if you have any water damage needs!

Photo of Pack Out in Dallas Tx

Pack Out Dallas, TX

Our customer suffered large loss due to water damage from a house flood.  We were able to extract the water but the floors and cabinets had to be removed.  The sub-flooring was dried and we prepped the surfaces and floor for renovation.  SERVPRO of East Dallas is happy to provide pack out, storage, and move back services.  This pictures shows this customer's furniture carefully protected and loaded in our trailer.  The furniture will be stored in our climate controlled warehouse until renovation is complete.