Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flooding in Texas

Water enters through front door during storm

Flash flooding caused water to rise quickly near a low lying home in Texas.  Water entered through the bottom of the front door and caused a house flood.  Our team help with the drying process and demolition in preparation for reconstruction. 

Storm Damages Roof

Storm Damage Causes Flooding

Due to high winds, a storm in Dallas, TX caused extensive roof and structure damage.  Rain poured into this building through the fractures which caused flooding.  SERVPRO of East Dallas was on the job shortly after the damage took place.  We extracted water and started the drying process immediately. 

Storm Damage

Storm Damage in the Northwest

We take pride in our efficiency, creativity, and capacity to mitigate jobs with different complexities both locally and while away at storm.  We don't typically have snow run off in Texas but our team was able to tackle large loss structures while in the Northwest.  We love being a part of the SERVPRO national storm team. 


Prepared for Storm

When there are severe storms locally or across the country, we are prepared to get a crew together, load our equipment and technology in trucks and trailers, and start the drying and clean up process.  


Power for the Job

When a storm takes out the power while at the same time causes water damage, SERVPRO of East Dallas has a plan.  We can bring generators to power our equipment so there is no delay in the drying process. 

Storm damages school

Storm Damages a School in Dallas, TX

If you are dealing with storm, flood, or water damage from our ever changing Texas weather, the experienced team at SERVPRO of East Dallas is ready to respond. Since we are locally owned and operated, we have prepared for expected damage and are able to respond quickly, likely we did for this school.